A functioning business may have all it's necessary ingredients to make the business a success. However, failing to have the necessary fire safety could accidentally bring it all to an abrupt halt.



Fest Fire Security dates back from 1981 when the company was started and thus laid the foundations of our service we supply to our valued customers. Inspired by the vision into the future, subsequent employees have expanded the company's dealings through development that was, and continues to be, distinguished by the challenge of the constant change in the increasingly complex environment of the fire service market in Southern Africa.

Fest Fire Security has a commitment to identifying ourselves with the best and largest Fire Equipment Manufacturers while maintaining a distinctive profile. We want our clients to feel confident that their assets are well protected against fire and that they can benefit from the personalised and exceptional service.

Mission Statement
Fest Fire Security strives:
To excel in supply of superior quality fire extinguishing equipment in partnership with our suppliers, end-users and distributor network
To remain the leader in Southern Africa with regards to the quality servicing of fire extinguishing equipment through service excellence of our SABS and SAQCC-FIRE registered and qualified service technicians.
To keep working by virtue of using creative applications of innovative technologies
To establish a challenging, rewarding and principled environment involving every Fest Fire Security employee in forging our future
To deliver a cost effective service to all clients, with the explicit purpose to save lives with pro-active planning, protect property and preserve our precious environment
The Fest Fire Security Commitment

We will continue to forge alliances with top manufacturers of the world and will supply only the best available products to our clients. Fest Fire Security therefore will only stock products that are at least approved by one or more of the following marks: SABS, UL, NFPA, FPA and/or EU. We are committed to solving problems - whether they are underground, outdoors, offshore, on board , in the kitchen, around the planet, or off the road - virtually worldwide by ourselves through our committed suppliers.

Our Product Selection

We select our product range from amongst the top manufacturers worldwide. We are therefore able to offer our clients a full line of products and related equipment. Each product bought is designed and manufactured to our exacting standards and are continually tested under the scrutiny of the independent laboratories of SABS, UL, NFPA, FPA and/or EU.

Distribution and Service

Fest Fire Security supply and service their product range to major suppliers, wholesalers and users. Moreover, our equipment and servicing is supplied supported by our professional sales staff with the technical know-how, and vast years of experience. You can feel confident that your needs will be served correctly every time and the first time around. Due to large stock levels and servicing team, we are never far from your doorstep.


Fest Fire Security employees are trained on a continuous basis by virtue of our excellent and challenging in-house training programs. We also attend numerous intense product-training courses yearly as provided for by our suppliers. Our personnel are therefore able to train thousands of customers every year in the basics of hand-on fire fighting techniques and the use of our equipment.


We believe that there are better ways of fighting fire and to store equipment and are therefore always looking for ways to improve our product range and to adapt to an ever changing environment. We therefore appoint ad hoc specialists such as chemists, pharmacists, engineers and technicians to specialised project work for us as and when required. Moreover, some of our suppliers have certainly the most extensive testing facilities in the world and we therefore work with them to develop some of our ideas. With all these capable facilities and support available, nothing may be regarded as being "good enough"

We specialise in:

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems
Ansul Systems: gas, foam, powder, water mist fire suppression
Engine, Tyre and Oil Fire Suppression
Lubrication Rooms fire suppression
Conveyor belt fire suppression
Hoist chamber fire suppression
Cable tunnel fire suppression
Electrical sub-station and cabinet fire suppression
Computer room fire suppression
Smoke / Fire Detection
in-Cabinet Electrical Fire Suppression
Kitchen FIre Suppression
Trackless Mining Fire Suppression
Home Powder Systems Trolley & Vehicle mounted
CAFS, Gaseous, Conveyor Belt Systems Kitchen Systems Branch Pipes & Hoses
Foam Systems Flame Detectors Control Panels & Cabinets/Covers
In-Cabinet Fire Suppression Smoke Detectors Coupling Device & Hydrant Valves
Vehicle Fire Suppression Heat Detectors Inline Inductors
Water-mist Systems Smoke & Heat Combo Fire Alarms and Beacons
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