A functioning business may have all it's necessary ingredients to make the business a success. However, failing to have the necessary fire safety could accidentally bring it all to an abrupt halt.


Backpack Fire Extinguishers
Arm and defend yourself sufficiently in a duel against a fire hazard not standing a chance against you and your equipment.

Fire extinguisher backpacks bring a modern-like approach to extinguishing fires manually. With its design making the job more comfortable and accessible by having your hands less preoccupied you can be more focused and improve manoeuvrability and fight fires efficiently effective. These specialized backpacks can utilize the suppression benefits of water mist & CAFS technologies and can come equipped with optional breathing gear.

Where can it be used?

Fire extinguisher backpacks are ideally used in fire fighting industries, initial stages of a threat interception in fire fighting vehicles, and offshore rigs.

9Litre Backpack 10Litre Backpack
Technical Specification 9 Litre Backpack 10 Litre Backpack
Material 9 litres 10 litres
Filling Capacity Stainless steal Stainless steal
Working Pressure 7,5 bar 7,5 bar
Propellant gas bottle medium Filling pressure: 300bar
Volume: 2 litres
Valve: connectionG5/8 interio
Filling pressure: 300bar
Volume: 2 litres
Valve: connectionG5/8 interio
Operating Time Appr. 23 sec Appr. 25 sec
Flow Rate 24 litres/min 24 litres/min
Operating Temperature min 5°C, max 60°C min 5°C, max 60°C
Gun Lancing Distance Jet mode: Appr. 16 – 18m
Spray mode: Appr. 6 – 7m
Jet mode: Appr. 16 – 18m
Spray mode: Appr. 6 – 7m
Weight Empty: 13.4 kg Empty: 15.5 kg
Dimensions Appr. 260 x 420 x 820 mm Appr. 240 x 420 x 750 mm
Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers

For the types of fires that require a more dexterous approach for termination - Fest Fire Security’s hand-held extinguishers will accompany the job well.

We maintain the best fire extinguisher prices nationwide.
Our complete range of services include: refilling, pressure testing, drying and reconditioning.

Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishers
Dry agent extinguishers – active, portable, fast deployment fire protection operated within seconds. As your first line of defence against Class A,B and C fire hazards - the combination of Dry agent extinguishers with the P.A.S.S (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep) method can eliminate fires almost instantaneously.

Note: Sizes may vary on individual extinguishers.
Technical Specification 1 kg Powder 1.5 kg Powder 2.5 kg Powder 4.5 kg Powder 9 kg Powder
Wide 8cm 11cm 10cm 16cm 17.5cm
Height 35cm 36cm 47cm 44cm 59cm
Full weight 1.9kg 2.8kg 3.9kg 7.5kg 12.9kg
Working pressure 1400kpa 1400kpa 1400kpa 1400kpa 1400kpa
Test pressure 2100kpa 3000kpa 3000kpa 2100kpa 3000kpa
Fire rating 5A;21B 5A;34B 8A/55B 5A/34B 27A/114B
Clean Agent C02 Extinguishers
CO2 agent extinguishers - the portable fire fighting solution which displaces oxygen, penetrates inaccessible areas and suppresses fires with the supremacy of inert gases. Risk free, post clean up redundant, elimination of Class A, B and C infernos with non toxic gaseous discharge.
Technical Specification 2 kg Co2 Agent 5 kg Co2 Agent
Wide 11cm 13cm
Height 50cm 74cm
Full weight 1.9kg 14.2kg
Working pressure 1400kpa 1400kpa
Test pressure 2100kpa 3000kpa
Fire rating 5A;21B 5A;34B
Kitchen Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers
Technical Specification K-Guard F-Class
General Info

K-Guard extinguishers contain PRX™ Liquid Fire Suppressant, a specially formulated, aqueous solution of inorganic salts. In addition to knocking down the flame and forming a vapor-securing blanket, PRX agent provides a cooling effect that aids in the extinguishing and securing process.

The F-CLASS model M6L hand-held fire extinguisher meets the requirement of EN3 and PED for use on fires involving combustible vegetable oil or animal fats in commercial cooking equipment.

Liquid agent fire extinguisher.

Wide 24cm 230mm
Height 17cm 560mm
Capacity 6 litre 6 litre
Range 2-3 m 3-5 m
Fire rating 2-A:K 13A, 75F


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