A functioning business may have all it's necessary ingredients to make the business a success. However, failing to have the necessary fire safety could accidentally bring it all to an abrupt halt.



Fire Fighting Branch Pipes
Fest Fire Security supplies a wide variety of branch pipes for the purpose of suppressing fires.

What is a branch pipe?
A branch pipe is a special type of nozzle used in fire fighting that gets attached to the end of a hose of which some have the ability to adjust by hand to direct, shape, and regulate the flow of water or fire fighting agent.

A variety of different branch pipes are available for fighting fires and their usage depends on the fire hazard situation and its environment.

Simple branch pipe Multi-purpose Pistol grip branch pipe Jet spray branch pipe


The simple branch pipe creates a simple jet spray that depends on the diameter size of the nozzle and has no rotating parts for adjusting spray type or width.


This versatile branch pipe has the ability to select the flow rate by adjusting the sleeve of the nozzle and also select the spray width by opening and closing the nozzle.


The jet spray branch pipe has water flow control ball valve with three setting that sets the mode from jet to spray and shut off.

Diffuser branch pipe London hand control diffuser branch pipe Revolving branch pipe


The diffuser branch pipe has a rotating part that sets the spray mode. When rotating it to one side the nozzle creates a spray. When rotating to the end, the nozzle creates a water curtain that (because of its tiny droplet size) can protect the person holding the nozzle from heat.


The hand control branch pipe also known as the London diffuser branch pipe is fitted with an adjusting handle. Moving the handle will produce fog, spray, jet, and shut off.


The ball shape head of the branch pipe is fitted with many small nozzles pointing in different directions and the head rotates when water passes through it. This creates a rotating jet at different angles.

Air aspirating foam nozzle


This nozzle uses aspirating air sucked into the stream of water based foam and shoots it into a cone shaped sieve that helps foam up the liquid agent. Its lever is adjusted to alter the flow of the liquid agent and to shut it off.

Fire Hoses
Fest Fire Security supplies fire hoses of all types designed with the greatest longevity and the most demanding applications.

Our high quality fire hoses are all in regulation with the NFPA standards and are designed with the resistance to kinking, heat, abrasion, chemicals and weathering. We supply fire hoses from municipal to industrial and forestry for the purpose of fire fighting.

What is a fire hose?

A fire hose is a long tube made of synthetic fibres that carry a liquid fire retardant to the face of a fire hazard for the purpose of extinguishing it and can withstand high pressure during the suppression process. Hose diameter is the most important factor in determining volume of water delivered and its specific purpose of use.

Attack hoses Supply hoses Booster reel hoses

Attack lines are attack hoses designed to fight fires that have past the nascent stage of fire.

Their inside diameter ranges between 38 and 76 mm and deliver low or high volume at a maximum operating pressure of 275 psi.

These hoses can come as lay flat hoses or booster/reel hoses.

Supply lines are flexible supply hoses that have a large diameter used for bringing water from a distant source to a fire pump or from one pump to another.

These hoses come in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” diameters and operate at pressures up to 300 psi for larger diameters and up to 200 psi for smaller diameters.

A reel hose is a type of hose that is fixed to a spinning reel and gets pre connected to a pump. It is used to put out smaller fires and designed to operate at pressures up to 800 psi.

The reel hose is round shaped and flexible and has a thick rubber wall with a thin diameter of 19 and 25 mm.

It is designed to maintain its round shape when it is not under pressure for simplicity of rolling.

Forestry hoses

Forestry hoses are versatile hoses specifically designed to be light weight and tough for ease of manoeuvring in treacherous terrains.

They are mainly used for fighting forest fires. Their inside diameter is 25 and 38 mm and is designed with an operating pressures up to 450 psi.


Fire Hose Reels
Fest Fire Security supplies high quality SABS approved hose reels for the purpose of fire fighting.

What is a fire hose reel?

A fire hose reel is a cylindrical shaped spindle that is used to roll a hose up and store it. It can be made of variety of materials including either: metal, fiberglass, or plastic. Hose reels are designed to be mounted out of harm’s way yet easily accessible in case of emergencies. Fire hose reels can also be mounted in a cabinet for safe keeping. Hoses should be kept clear of passageways ladders and stairs.


Fire Hose Reel

Weight complete 22kg
Weight without hose 8kg
Size 580mm diameter, 750mm height
Wall projection 260mm


30m pvc red
Hose dimensions 30mx20mm
Valve Chromium plated double 25mm bsp thread
Length of Jet 10m at 300kpa
Rate of discharge 30litres pm at 300kpa
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