A functioning business may have all it's necessary ingredients to make the business a success. However, failing to have the necessary fire safety could accidentally bring it all to an abrupt halt.


  Fest Fire Security supplies only the highest quality coupling devices to meet your fire equipment needs.
What is a fire hose coupling?
A fire hose coupling is a type of connector at the end of the hose that is used to connect it to a tap or another hose to extend it for the purpose of delivering water or liquid agent to suppress fires. Couplings can be male or female ends where the male coupling may have thread on the outside and female couplings might have thread on the inside. Instantaneous couplings and symmetrical quick connection couplings also exist without the use of thread for quicker attach and detach.
Instantaneous fire hose coupling

Instantaneous couplings have a quick attach and detach to and from each other. The female coupling has 2 spring loaded catches for fast attachment to the male coupling. To release the two a simple pull in opposite directions on the female’s arms is needed. They come in brass and aluminium type alloys and also gunmetal to withstand corrosion in environments such as marine and offshore. Pressure in the hose is required to prevent leakage at the coupling and the maximum working pressure for an instantaneous coupling is about 15 bar.


Symmetrical quick connection hose coupling


This hose coupling does not use any male or female connections. It uses two symmetrical heads that snap into each other with a twist for faster connect and disconnect of the coupling device. The device is constructed out of aluminium and the working pressure is about 16 bar.


Hose coupling with handle


This hose coupling is constructed with two folding handles pointing opposite each other. The handles are fitted to eliminate the need for a coupling spanner and allow for quick and easy coupling. It does not use male or female connections and is constructed out of a light aluminum alloy


Fire Hydrant Valves
Fest Fire Security supplies SABS approved hydrant valves that are of the highest standard and quality.

We supply from standard hydrant valves to landing valves and reducing valves of all sizes, designs, and material types and can cater according to specifications on client’s request. Our valves are designed to be robust, operable in a fire in accordance with NFPA regulations, and withstand freezing.

What is a hydrant valve?

A hydrant valve is a tap-like device connected to a fire hydrant to switch on or shut off the flow of water. Most hydrant valves are not used to regulate the flow of water. One end of a supply hose can be connected to the valve and the other end to a fire pump to control the flow of water. Some hydrant valves have multiple tapped outlets to split the flow of water into multiple streams.


A user should take care not to open or close a fire hydrant too quickly, as this can create a water hammer which can damage nearby pipes and equipment.

Hydrant valves may need to be inspected or maintained annually to operate as expected.
Landing valve

The landing valve also known as a “globe valve” is used in conjunction with a wet riser to bring a hydrants water source to multiple floors on a building where buildings are too high for brigade pumps to reach.


Reducing valve

The reducing valve is used to regulate the outlet pressure with a varying inlet pressure.


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