A functioning business may have all it's necessary ingredients to make the business a success. However, failing to have the necessary fire safety could accidentally bring it all to an abrupt halt.



When the fire safety of small appliances in tight and compact areas are needed, the track fire system can detect and automatically extinguish and eliminate the threat.

Track Fire Automatic Fire Suppression
Track Fire acts as a linear heat and flame detector. When the flame or heat ruptures the pressurized tube the cylinder valve automatically activates to start the extinguishing process at the ruptured spot. The sensor tubing is completely flexible and can be run throughout the installation to follow the hazard risk areas.
Typical Usage Environments for Track Fire Protection
Electrical Panels
Server Cabinets
Control Cabinets
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
IT Rooms

Causes of fire in these environments
Equipment Failure
Incorrect Installation
Fatigued wires
Overloaded circuits

Track Fire's Direct Release System
The Direct release system utilizes the tubing as both fire detection and fire suppressant delivery system. The portion of the tube nearest to the hottest point of the fire ruptures, forming an effective discharge " nozzle". The pressure drop in the releases the entire contest of the cylinder through this nozzle.

Track Fire's Indirect Release System

With the Indirect release system, the Tubing is used only as detection device. The fire suppression agent is delivered via copper tubing, stainless steel tubing or braided hose. Once the tube "burst", the suppressant is discharge through strategically placed nozzles within the protected enclosure.


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