A functioning business may have all it's necessary ingredients to make the business a success. However, failing to have the necessary fire safety could accidentally bring it all to an abrupt halt.



Fire Exinguisher Trolleys
Suppressing fires every time at a moment's notice.
Wheeled units are a portable, safe, and absolute solution for rapid deployment to areas where potential fires are always a threat.

Trolley mounted fire extinguishers constitute lightweight, compact, mobile and easy to manoeuvre fire fighting proficiency.

Equip yourself to fight class A,B,C and D fires with high capacity tanks containing a choice of extinguishing agents like foam and CO2. Wheeled units have considerably greater extinguishing agent capacities than hand portable fire extinguishers, yet are exceedingly mobile and can be fully operated by one person.

Effective fire protection depends on the best equipment. Let us help you select from a diverse series of wheeled extinguisher units.

Units may be customized to meet your fire protection needs.
Agent options vary on the model type.

  Watermist Fire Extinguisher Trolley Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Trolley CO2 Fire Extinguisher Trolley
Description The Water-mist trolley, equipped with its advanced nozzle gun can effectively suppress medium sized fires quickly. It uses a mixture of compressed air and water or foam and is the ideal extinguisher for workshops and construction areas that are exposed to flammable materials. The dry chemical heavy duty wheeled unit is used to extinguish large high hazardous fires and can be utilized in areas such as warehouses or manufacturing areas, oil tanks, oil filling areas and buildings. Its large steel wheels make it roll easy and reach its destination quickly. The cylinder can be filled with dry chemical powders or special dry agent powders. The carbon dioxide wheeled unit is an effective fire extinguisher trolley that suppresses hazards such as fires caused by electrical equipment (class B) and flammable liquids and gases (class C). They are mainly utilized indoors where air movement cannot skew the discharge. When extinguishing with carbon dioxide it is important to evacuate the confined area because of CO2s oxygen displacing effects.
Technical Specification Filling Capacity - 50 litres Filling Capacity - 68kg
Med - Dry Chemical
Effective Range - 7.6m
Hose Length - 15m
Dimensions - 914x610x1156mm
Filling Capacity - 45.4kg
Med - Carbon Dioxide
Effective Range - 3.1-3.7m
Hose Length - 12.2m
Dimensions - 710x737x1450mm
Propellent gas bottle Medium, 300bar, 6 litres, G5/8 interior    
Pressure cylinder Filling Pressure - 300bar
Volume - 6 litres
Valve connection - G5/9 interior
Technical Parameters Operating time - Approx. 125sec
Flow rate - 24 litres/min
Operating temp - 5degrees Celsius. Max 60 degrees Celsius
Discharge time - 47sec
Flow rate - 1.31kg/sec
Min - 40deg Cel, Max 48.8 deg Cel
Discharge time - 70sec
Weight - 181.4kg
Operating temp - 30deg Cel,
Max 49 deg Cel

Extinguisher gun

Lancing distance - Jet mode - 16/18m, spray mode 6-7metres
Hose Length - 5metres
Dimensions - 620x540x1110mm
Vehicle Mounted Fire Suppression Unit  

Effective fire fighting for faster response and harder to reach areas.


The MPM is a modular extinguishing unit primarily designed to be mounted onto vehicles such as pickups, small trucks or trailers. The primary benefit of these modular units is the ability to reach difficult to access terrains quickly.

The MPM uses a water mist technology with low water consumption as well as an optional integrated foam injection pump for its extinguishing performance.

  Standard MPM Compact MPM
Weight empty 380kg with 600 litres watermarks 310kg
Dimensions 1000mmx1220mm 1420x1000x880
Dimensions tanks 600L - 1500mm | 800L - 1750mm | 1000L - 2000mm 20 litres
Foam tank capacity 25 litres 20 litres

Water tank capacity

Each module 200 litres 300 litres
Fuel tank capacity 7.1 litres 7.1 litres
Frame Steel frame and steel plates powder coated Steel frame and steel plates powder coated
Flow rate Max 60 litres/min Max 60 litres/min
Connections 1.5"C-coupling | 3/4 D-coupling 1.5"C-coupling | 3/4 D-coupling
Hose 30m kink proof hose (automatic retraction) 30m kink proof hose (automatic retraction)
Lancing Distance 17-19m (jet mode) 7-9m (spray mode) 17-19m (jet mode) 7-9m (spray mode)
Working pressure 20 bar 20 bar
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